Annoying sound

  • Hello. Sorry for the english. Living in Sweden, couldnt find anyforum.

    I find it very annoying with all the beeping sounds in my Asx. Is there any way one can change that beeping sound or change the beeper. Ive heard BMW beeping and it doesnt sound annoying.

    Now ofcourse you cant compare ASX with a BMW but still its a problem.:(

  • Hi there,

    I think it is in general a problem of japanese cars. But Toyota sounds more nerve racking ;)

    No idea if anybody has experience with the indoor sound tuning.

    Now in german to the community:

    Hat jemand Erfahrung mit dem Verändern ( nicht dem Abstellen ) der Warntöne ?

    Zielführendes kann ich dann gerne ins Englische übersetzen.

  • Hi . Thanks for the answer. Do you know where the beeper is in the car. Would like to examine it ( I mean smash it).

    Or maybe just have to live with it.

    By the way very satisfied with the car, specially in snowy conditions.

  • Ob das das gesuchte ist, weiss ich nicht, aber man kann doch im Menü in den Einstellungen zwischen zwei verschiedenen Tönen wählen: Standard und Videospiel.

    Not knowing, if this is exactly your probleme, but you can choose in the Settings between two different sounds: Regular and Videogame . Just look at your manual.