Exhaust manifold crack (4n13, 4n14)

  • Hi to all, and sorry for my english.

    I own an ASX 1.8 DID 2011, and noticed that there was a crack on the exhaust manifold on the egr tube soldering.

    This causes the fumes to insert cabin via cabin filter, causes frequent regenerations of dpf for no reason, causes diesel to mix with oil , causes low performance, high fuel consumption , turbine fail because of bad lubrication due to diesel in oil etc .

    After noticed manifold crack, I informed my country's ministry of transport, the main importer of mitsubishi , and some asx forums.

    I myshelf repaired the crack although the importer offered free manifold replacement, because the new part is not yet issue free , so with the new part problem could come out again in some thousands of kms.

    Everybody should check their exhaust manifold for leaks and inform mitsubishi motors such as his country's ministry so they recall cars to install new ISSUE FREE manifold asap

  • Here pictures from my car.... and it is the very same area where it break.
    In my case I have the problem fumes to insert cabin via cabin filter since Oktober 2018 - but only while the DPF Cleanup run. It means that the leak is so small that that fumes out only while it is hot enough (600 Celcius) while DPF Cleanup. In normal mode it seams to be cosed because of low temperatur on the metal.

    Since nearly 3 years it was not posible to found the reason for that oil level rising. I was also in contact with misubishi in Japan.
    Using diagnose app on my phone I was all this time able to read the temperatur on al temperartur sensors while DPF cleanup and so I did know that one sensor never reached the needed 600 degrees and stuck always around 450 degress.
    All the time misubishi was not able to tell my why the temperatur is not reched. I replaced the sensor and the brand new one showed the same data. In spring I contacted mitsubishi in Japan and they was also not able to tell my why.
    Now I know why...

    I tried to get now a replacement part exhaust manifold from Mitsubishi as good will. They denied because they don't heard about this kind of error.

    If you say:
    "the importer offered free manifold replacement". Can I ask in what country you requested it?